Back to the Future – Never SAY Never

In an odd twist of fate, I am back at my old place of employment – the very place that fired me for refusing to be vaccinated. (This is now my 23rd job – one of my lucky numbers!) And the guy who I thought had betrayed me so cruelly? He’s now my immediate supervisor. What?! Let me explain…

While I was researching my post How to Be Survivors Like the War Generation, I saw that a job was posted by the small company where I used to work. So it was while doing research for this blog that I saw it. If I hadn’t have been writing, I would not have seen the posting. Even weirder, it wasn’t just any job, or even my old one. This one had a title and is one I had aspired to since I’d gone back to school at 37. A job I’d given up hope of ever attaining. To top it off, it was listed as part-time so I could still write. I was shocked.


About a week earlier I’d forgiven this co-worker for his actions. I’d made such good friends at my new job and was enjoying my life so much, it became easier to forgive those who’d hurt me. I’d actually said the words aloud. Very strange timing.

Still, I hesitated. Did I want to leave my current job, with my newfound friends behind? Did my former co-worker even want me to apply for this job?

Although I’d left everything at the office in great shape, I’d stopped sharing any stories or personal things with him in the week after the new policy was forced on me. I was all business by the time I left. No tears. No emotion. I heard him tell the boss that he was surprised by my professionalism. Buddy! I am excellent at holding it together until I get home.

My ex-husband probably thinks I didn’t even cry over him. After 32 years! Perfect.


The new, straightforward me picked up the phone and called him. After we exchanged pleasantries I asked him point blank if he wanted me to apply. He said, “Absolutely.”

And that was it. I did – even including the glowing reference letter from the Executive Director that I’d asked for last year. Within a day or two the director called me and we had a wonderful conversation. I could feel his happiness and something else. Is that relief I hear?

This was born out later after my “interview” which they called more of a “suitability interview” as it was a chance to meet the woman who’d replaced me. They offered me the job but noted that after a review, the wage was actually higher than listed. They wanted to give me the top of the range in recognition of my previous experience. “OK,” I said, diplomatically. It is a full $16 more per hour than I was making at the health food store.

After listing the hours of work and reassuring me that I could modify the days or times of the week as I saw fit to suit my schedule, they asked if there was anything I needed. I said I’d like to start on the pension plan again. Done. Also I noted that I had had four weeks’ paid holidays before I left and I’d like those back. They gave me five.

They took me out for lunch on my first day of work and bought me flowers.

Happily, I also have my old parking spot and my favourite sit/stand desk back, and the boss managed to keep my plants alive. Best of all, I have a new co-worker who I really like. She’s a no BS kind of person, older and single. I think we’re going to get along just fine.

No. Best of all is that I have my health and my integrity. I feel so lucky.


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