Big Pharma Pays for the “Science” and They Don’t Care if You Live or Die

I had a bad night last night. Trudeau was lambasting unvaccinated people (again) and that, along with Macron’s posturing and insults, really upset me. I didn’t watch the video of the Prime Minister as that would have been too much but I read enough to rile me up. I spent an hour writing him a letter and then went out and mailed it before the promised winter storm came in.

Before bed I read a news story detailing how several countries are FORCING their people to be vaccinated. I don’t know what the alternative will be – prison? Punitive fines?

I am terrified when I think about what this could mean. It was a long night.

Vaccines Are Not Working

Sure, sure, pick on the unvaccinated. Even though there are only a small percentage of us left and we sure as hell didn’t fly anywhere and bring in the variant! Lately I wonder: is it only obvious to me that the vaccines didn’t work? (“One shot, two shots, three shots…four…”)

You really can’t outsmart Mother Nature. If you spray a field with poison to kill the weeds, that will work for a season or two but the weeds adapt and come back, immune to the poison.

It’s better to work with the plants: enhancing the soil so that all nutrients are available, providing ample sunlight and water, and room for them to grow. Plants tended like this will grow healthy and strong. They are able to fend off pests and don’t succumb to as many ailments. They don’t need pesticides and herbicides.

Complex But Not So Different

People are complex organisms but they are really not so different from plants. When a novel disease comes along, those who have eaten well, who get outside for a little exercise every day, don’t have underlying conditions, and deal with their stress will do very well. Those that don’t, may need some help. It makes sense to give the vaccines to those who want it – the vulnerable and the worriers, who want to feel protected. If you believe in it, great – you’re lucky!

I don’t.

I won’t even take an aspirin if I get a headache. Taking a vaccine into my body is just anathema to me. I am not sure what I could equate this to for most people. How about having to stay inside for the rest of your life? Or maybe wearing a helmet 24/7 for the rest of your life? Being vaccinated is something that can ever be undone.It might be fine…and it might not. (Read my post here:  Vaccination: the 24/7 Helmet You Can Never Remove)

Even Pfizer Doesn’t Believe in its Own “Science”

The public cry now is, “Believe the science!” But how when it is paid for by the very industry that stands to benefit from it? When Pfizer publishes a study saying that the booster works, how much money will they make by selling this booster? Was there any doubt that they would come out and say that?

If Pfizer believed in its science so much, why won’t they stand behind it? Anyone that gets injured from vaccination can’t sue because both Pfizer and Moderna have total immunity from legal liability.

Here is a list of the 10 worst drug recalls in history – thalidomide isn’t even on it:

I don’t trust ANY pharmaceutical company to have my best interests at heart.

It’s not just scientists on the take, most doctors, hospitals – the whole healthcare industry gets funding from the pharmaceutical industry:

An Example of “Bad” Science

I found a very favourable study on a drug called Remdesivir for the treatment of Covid with the lead researcher listed as John H. Beigel:

I tried to see if John had any conflicts of interest but the link wasn’t working. Right away, I’m suspicious so I look him up in the U.S. open payments database:

John H. Beigel received over $10,000,000. From AbbVie Inc. – a biopharmaceutical company – in 2020, the same year as his study on Remdesivir. TEN MILLION!

Remdesivir is marketed by Gilead biopharmaceuticals, not AbbVie. So is he off the hook and it’s just a coincidence that he received money from AbbVie?

No. AbbVie has a “corporate strategic venture capitalist” arm that partners with various companies. These are created, bought out, consolidated or moved around at a dizzying pace. One of these companies is Tizona, which was acquired by…Gilead. Two Gilead people sit on its board. 

Look, I am not interested in American tax laws or why these companies set up sub-companies within shell companies. My point is that AbbVie and Gilead have ties and there is the smell of a rat in all of this:

The Question is This:

Does John’s benefactor have a fiduciary interest in the outcomes of his research? It looks like Pfizer is now making the stuff in a partnership agreement reached with Gilead. Pfizer also has ties to AbbVie. It would take a team of auditors to determine if the relationship between the scientist and the pharmaceutical companies and their product is a conflict of interest or not.

And this was just ONE scientist on the project – there are many more listed.

How can I trust any “scientific” research when it is funded by a consortium of pharmaceutical companies? They will make $3 Billion off the sale if the study turns out to be favourable. Gilead’s revenues for the 3rd quarter of 2021 were up over 26% from  the sale of Remdesivir alone.

The Only “health” Big Pharma Cares for is Their Own Financial Health

Whistleblowers are rare because nearly everyone at all levels is making money:

I wrote a longer piece on this topic where I tried to unravel a thread and follow the money. You can find it, here: SPIT OUT THE BLUE PILL: How Big Pharma Funds Research & Nearly Everyone Except You is Making Money Off It

Good Science

Good science questions everything and the scientists behind it are not afraid to hear opposing viewpoints. That’s why listening to Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying on the Darkhorse Podcast and the interesting opinions expressed by their guests is so refreshing. It also just seems so – NEW!:

Plant-Based, Whole Foods Diets Don’t Make Anyone Money

Why doesn’t the government promote plant based whole foods diets if they are so concerned about our overburdened healthcare system? Special interest groups like the dairy, chicken, and beef industries lobby the government to ensure their products are given priority. They come armed with cash and “scientific” studies in support of their causes. They find some scientist with impressive credentials and give them funding to do up these propaganda studies, proving that anyone can be bought for a price. Pretty hard to bite the hand that feeds you.

This is a topic that deserves a deep dive. See:

Reduce Your Chances of Catching Covid Without Any Vaccine

Eating a Plant-based, Whole Foods diet is not only good for you and the planet, it will also reduce your chances of catching Covid by 9% and of getting severe Covid by 41%. That’s a number that won’t wane, either! The pharmaceutical industry did not fund this study. It came out in September 2021 in the Harvard Review:

Having the government pat me on the head and tell me that it knows what is best for me and my body is patronizing and…creepy. Yes, creepy. They DO NOT have my health in mind at all. They don’t have yours in mind, either.

I find all of this disheartening. And I know it’s causing me stress, which is not good. Not good at all.


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