Buying a Fixer-Upper: Back to 1975, Baby!

Buying a Fixer-Upper: Back to 1975, Baby!

Suddenly, I Want to Sell – March 5, 2019

My new thing is selling my beloved apartment. It has been like a sanctuary for me and the first place I’ve ever owned in my own name. But I suddenly got the idea of buying a house with a rental suite in it. I’ve done the math over and over and it just makes sense for me. Reducing my payments potentially (depends on what I buy) and giving me some income for when this job ends. Still up in the air as to timeframe – looks like 2 to 3 years but I do not feel secure and it’s hard to listen to everyone just casually knocking the end around like it doesn’t matter much. Well, I got news for ya, Bub – it matters a helluva lot to ME when the job ends!

Off Again – On Again – April 30, 2019

The peace and quiet of my apartment is over. My daughter has moved back with her cat since university is done for the year. We are having her boyfriend over for supper tonight. Shared space…really, though, I don’t mind. Especially because she has some sorting out to do. She is not entirely sure what her future holds. Do any of us really know?

I broke up with my boyfriend after he finally came clean and told me about something he’d kept from me, which explains why I felt there was something wrong. Because there was! Such a disappointment, to think that he kept this secret for over six months. My chest / lungs hurt at this. My eyes pinch. How can I trust him now? Right. I don’t, that’s all.

But then he wrote me a very nice letter and said he had started out as my lover but ended up falling in love with me. Now who could resist that? So I guess we’re back together. He comes over once a week again. Still, I have not told him that I love him. I am not sure that I do – in that way. I am letting events play out.

House for Sale?

I saw a house in an online listing and can’t get it out of my head. Stayed up most of the night “renovating” it in my mind…trying to figure out where the kitchen should go and how the rooms downstairs were configured.

On the very top of my list for what I require in a house: A SUITE. This house doesn’t have a suite in it so, really, I have no business being infatuated with it. Besides, it really isn’t very nice at all! It was built in the 70s and has dirty white stucco, a broken front door, and only a carport but for some reason, I just liked the sight of it.

I couldn’t help myself and actually walked from the house to the grocery store – timed it. 23 minutes. Perfect.

But when I called the realtor, it wasn’t for sale after all. Gosh darn it all!

Manifesting my House

I looked at a few houses and tried to forget about the house. There was just nothing that appealed to me on this side of town. I wanted to be close to the university so that I could rent to students.

One day, I got off my high horse and decided that I would happily live anywhere in the city and make it home. The day I decided that – BOOM! my house appeared in the listings as if by magic.

That’s right, it went up for sale suddenly. I spotted it right away – same photos – called my realtor and told him that my house was for sale and I needed to see it. I was the first inside and made an offer within an hour. Sold!

I called my daughter crying, I was so happy. I knew this house was right for me.

It was only later, as I was packing up paperwork, that I realized that my house was on the same street as a house I had bid on and lost in 2014, just after my ex and I had split up. I had completely forgotten that whole discouraging incident (my mind wasn’t working so well in 2014).

Gloria Gaynor was Right!

I feel that I have survived so much and now, five years on, I have TOTALLY REDEEMED MYSELF! Hahaha! Seriously? My life is pretty fricking awesome. I just bought a house in the BEST location, Baby! ME! Even after the loss of my partner AND the loss of my good job!

OK, so it is a 1975 special and the ugliest house on the block – so what? It is MINE, Baby! (Austin Powers-like)

And man! Do I have plans for it!


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