Rumble in the Belly: Freedom Convoy 2022

On the bridge we waited for the Freedom Convoy of truckers to drive by. We were a motley group with nothing in common except the desire to end all government mandates. There were the usual ranchers, with their big duallies lined up in the parking lot at the Petro Can across the street, a couple of the conspiracy theorists that the media loves to go on about, and one guy named Lionel who I see at every protest.

He is one of those guys that is always smiling but who never says much. Consequently, he is well regarded. Over the course of the cold day as we stood in the wind, I found out that he is the only one at his company unvaccinated. He knows his days are numbered.

We see the trucks coming in the distance and we hold our signs high. The convoy was harassed and split up by the DOT, yet is still easily recognizable with their Canadian flags and slogans written in makeshift letters all over their rigs.

As each truck goes by, we scream “FREEDOM”!  I feel – hope. I grin and laugh out loud for the first time in months. Maybe we are not alone – maybe there are many, many others who feel as we do.

One by one by one the truckers blast their air horns for us, a sound that rumbles in the belly like a call to arms.

Lionel turns, his grin wide, and says, “That never gets old.”

The new site to give to the Freedom Convoy 2022 is on GiveSendGo, here.


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