Vaccination: the 24/7 Helmet You Can Never Remove

“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

Edward R. Murrow

Maybe you were a bit skeptical about the sudden push for everyone to be vaccinated with a new type of vaccine against a disease that didn’t seem that bad. Or maybe you just wanted to “wait and see” what would happen. Dollars to donuts you weren’t able to make up your own mind before the media, coworkers, neighbours, and your family started preaching the gospel according to Pfizer to you. My deal was this: a decision that CANNOT be reversed needs to taken with utmost caution and with the most unbiased information I could gather. This is one helmet you’ll never be able to take off.

Almost overnight, I began to feel like I was under attack from nearly all sides over my decision not to get vaccinated against Covid. First one friend, then another, and soon family members began quoting from the latest media story and telling me that I was selfish or stupid (or both). This shocked me. My writing is a rebuttal of many of the arguments that I just wasn’t able to make on the fly. (For example, my posts: Who Is Really Selfish Here? and Media Propaganda is Just Bad News)

On Facebook, I had to keep defending my rights to choose what I put into my body. The argument is that to be in society, we have to follow certain rules to “keep us all safe.” Rules like wearing a seatbelt when riding in a car or putting a helmet on before going for a bike ride. At night I stayed awake for hours composing responses I wanted to make to the nasty posts I’d read on Facebook directed at people who chose to remain vaccine free. It was no use and finally, I left Facebook: Welcome Dirty Unvaxxed: 7 Ways to Feel Better Today

Being Vaccinated is like Putting on a Helmet that you can Never Remove

Think about this: Should you get vaccinated to keep everyone else safe?

If you went bungee jumping or sky diving, you would wear a helmet (although in truth, it could be argued that the helmet might actually be wearing you). Asking you to put on a helmet while I’m jumping out of a plane is silly. Asking anyone to put on that helmet and wear it forever is madness.

If you’re vulnerable, by all means, strap on that helmet. That will keep you safe, yeah? Asking me to keep one on my head, so you feel safer? OK, sure, maybe at work, if it makes you feel better. But making me wear it while I’m shopping, cooking dinner, and trying to watch TV? Worse, making me try to sleep with it on?

This is what forcing people to have a vaccination does. If it was something simple like putting a helmet or a seatbelt that could be removed – for sure, we’d probably do it just to make you happy. But asking me to risk my health in order to keep you “safe” is truly selfish. Especially if you believe in the efficacy of the vaccines!

What is Your Life worth?

My employer mandated that I get vaccinated on November 15, 2021 after I had worked by myself throughout the whole pandemic and still only worked with one person. It was a policy change, meant to appease the government. It meant they were asking me to wear a helmet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – 365 days a year, every year, for the rest of my life. I had contracted to give them my best efforts for 37.5 hours a week.

As much as I enjoyed working, my life is worth far more to me than giving it over to the company. A company, I might add, that tossed me out on my keester after five years as soon as I didn’t follow their new policy. So much for loyalty! This company did not cover any of my medical costs nor offer disability or life insurance so that if something did go wrong, I would be thrown aside anyway. Like so much useless garbage. Of course I couldn’t even sue Pfizer or the other pharmaceutical companies either since they have immunity from legal liability over any damage their vaccines might cause.

I pleaded for them to judge my work on its own merits – that the work I did for them was to the best of my ability and I had always followed every other rule. It is a sad day when someone’s medical status is judged to be more important than the work they produce.

It is Safer for me to Remain Unvaccinated

I carefully weighed the costs and benefits of vaccination against actually contracting Covid. For my age and situation, the cautious approach is to remain unvaccinated. Even though most media and the government suppress or downplay any vaccine damage, any careful enquiry turns up many people who have vaccine injuries. (One site that is trying to help anyone with a vaccine injury is

I remember the horror of thalidomide and the other medications that were also touted as “safe and effective.” There were disastrous consequences for ordinary people who trusted “the science” of big pharma. (See my post, Big Pharma Pays for the Science & They Don’t Care if You Live or Die)

That the government and social media are working together to suppress stories of the vaccine injured raises a giant red flag for me.

Covid injuries and death are used as cautionary tales to frighten us all into taking the vaccine. But why don’t they give us information we can really use instead of tossing out all the statistics? It would be very beneficial for people to know the ages of those who died or are in intensive care and whether they had any underlying conditions.

My suspicion is that they don’t give us this information because healthy people, without any underlying conditions, don’t realize much benefit from being vaccinated. A cheaper, healthier, and probably far more beneficial (and certainly safer) thing to do would be to change our diets! So that’s what I did.

Is It Safety – Or Company Profit?

I think much of this obsession with safety is driven by money. Insurance companies do not want to pay for anything – “nobody moves, nobody gets hurt.” Pharmaceutical companies’ insurers are safe from lawsuits from those pesky vaccine injured people. This amounts to a license to experiment on the human population. And boy! Are they using it!

Pfizer now recommends everyone get the 3rd shot as they have a study that says it helps increase immunity. Their new shot against Omicron won’t be ready until March of 2022 and they must be hoping to squeeze even more money from panicked rich Western governments before they have the 4th shot ready for sale. I guess 33 billion in profits is not enough.

Pfizer and friends have a fiduciary interest – a direct conflict of interest – in ANY study they pay for. These recommendations should not be used. We need results done by an independent 3rd party. If the newest variant is more easily spread but less deadly, common sense would be to protect the vulnerable and let everyone else catch the cold. (See SPIT OUT THE BLUE PILL: How Big Pharma Funds Research & Nearly Everyone Except You is Making Money Off It for more on this.)

More and more shots are not doing any good to stop the spread and mutation of this coronavirus. Yet we are pushed and pushed towards more and more vaccination. What about the accumulation of so many shots on people’s immune systems? When will governments get wise to the profiteers? Or do they also have a fiduciary interest?

Public “Health” Doesn’t Care About My Health

They’ve isolated me, forbid me from enjoying the company of friends and family, won’t allow me to travel, and now had me fired from my job. I was once a productive, tax paying and law abiding citizen. Now I am reduced to being a broke social pariah because I don’t want a medical intervention. Addictions, paranoia, anger, depression…do they even consider what they are doing to people?

What could possibly be the reason for these mandates? What happened to herd immunity? The percentages of first and second vaccinations are now far and above what the government used to say would confer herd immunity, yet the virus continues to spread. The third vaccination is rolled out and all kids over five now are being vaccinated. The virus continues to spread. If I were following reason, I would say that the vaccines don’t work to limit the spread and focus on vaccinating the vulnerable all over the world.

The Government Needs a Scapegoat

The curve flattened and people wear their government helmets and carry on as before, as if all unvaccinated people are dead to them. There is no way any government will admit they were wrong now. They’ve spent too much money and spun too much propaganda to reel it back in. They have doubled and are now tripling down on their rhetoric.

The government is still blaming unvaccinated people for the virus even thought it is mutating and spread by vaccinated people coming back from their vacations. Conveniently, the government doesn’t report Covid exposure on flights anymore. The double and triple vaccinated are getting and carrying Covid all over the world.

Stories like this one, out of Ontario, about Covid gone wild at a birthday party, are spun to downplay the fact that all 42 patrons were double vaccinated. Yet the health authority is worried about only the unvaccinated spreading Covid in the community! How odd! Employers must step up their screening of these unwholesome citizens:

And this is why I am writing these words now, in defense of my own position, my own person. I do not fool myself into thinking they will make any difference but, to paraphrase Mr. Darcy, my character insists that they be written and read. I hope your sanity is holding up as our world continues to descend into madness.

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