What is Your Integrity Worth? The $25 Million Dollar Woman

It’s not every day that you find out how much money you’re actually worth. Turns out, as an employee, I am worth $25,000,000.

My employer needed another financial grant from the provincial government to survive so they mandated vaccination like the province had done to its employees. I was sacrificed for this potential grant.

A grant that turned out to be $25,000,000.

I worked with ONE person in our small office. He was there by choice as he didn’t want to work from home anymore. Being a government employee, he had full benefits including disability and life insurance. I had no such safety net. If something happened to me after vaccination and I got a blood clot, Bell’s palsy, or a heart condition it would be “tough luck” for me.

He is also the one who turned me in and forwarded the government memo re: vaccination for all – OR ELSE!

His betrayal hurts most of all. I thought he was a friend. I was wrong.

Part of me feels I was sold for cheap.

You might think $25 million is a lot but it really isn’t in the grand scheme. They could easily burn through that in a year.

On the other hand, when would I – or anyone I know – ever see that kind of money?

They think I made my “choice” but there was no option for me.

If I did not choose myself, I would have lost everything. I didn’t hesitate for even a minute.

My integrity is not for sale. Not for any price.


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