Welcome Dirty Unvaxxed! 7 Ways to Feel Better Today

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
― Winston S. Churchill

The world has gone mad and it’s the *weird sheep’s time to stay sane and get us all out of this mess.

Last week I lost my job. My employer mistakenly believed that I had sold them the rights to my body and not just my time. Odd. I could probably make a lot more money selling my body, even at my age, then what they are paying me. (Note to self: potential side hustle?)

So here I am! Unemployed and unemployable, in this climate. Congratulations government! You have one less tax payer to pay for all the services you keep increasing…

Why don’t I just give in and get the shot(s) like everyone else?

I have my reasons but truthfully – does it really matter why not? Is it anyone’s business but my own? I say, “No.”

The answer has been “no” from the beginning and with every new restriction, new rule, new mandate, my resolve grows and grows until now the answer is: HELL NO!

How Can I Do What I Need to Do?

Of course, this is cold comfort when the mortgage comes due. Knowing that I am doing what is right for me is not going to pay any bills. It’s forced me up against the wall of myself. I wake up at 3AM in a panic – How can I pay for my house? My taxes? Should I sell? What do I want out of life?

I want to be able to look myself in the mirror and know that I tried my best to live with integrity. Telling my grandkids (if I ever have any) that Granny didn’t capitulate to tyranny – that I stood up for what was right – is so important to me now. I want to be strong and survive, despite being thrown away by society, like so much garbage. Setting an example for my children that being shamed and bullied is sometimes the price you must pay to do what is right for yourself. When the going gets rough – dig in and re-trench!

I want the government to get out of my business and keep their hands off my body!

Not so Helpful – Facebook

Some things I do regularly have not been helpful to my mental or physical health.

Unhelpful things included social media scrolling. Not that I’m a big user but I was on Facebook. I had to go off of it as it was taking me so much time to try to provide an alternate opinion. I was lambasted by people who I’d known for years – so disheartening. Finding out how little people really think of you or your opinions is a real soul-destroyer. Finding out that most people put more effort into researching a new TV rather than something they’ll inject into their body was shocking. Most people I knew would choose to go along with something mandated by the government and take up the rhetoric that I was a selfish asshole even after knowing me for years. This was crushing. (Here is my rebuttal post: “Who is Really Selfish Here?”)

People are frightened by the propaganda and do not have the inner resources nor the inclination to investigate. Many are just indifferent or lazy and will go along with anything, as long as they can still have their comforts. Still, I thought the most vociferous Facebook friends might listen to another opinion now and then. I was wrong.

Strangely, I am one of the most easy-going people in any friend grouping. Or so it seemed. I was always up for a party or gathering, trying a new restaurant, listening to new music, or inviting someone who was somewhat marginalized into my friend group. It was me who was welcoming and friendly. The minute – no, the SECOND – I stepped “out of line”, I got slammed.

But Let’s Get Practical

I’ve found some things that might help you – or anyone that is feeling alone – whether you’ve chosen to make a decision that goes against the government’s mandates or are going against the grain – here are:

7 Helpful Ways to Feel Better

1/ Retreat From Social Media

Disconnect or pause social media. Not only have I not missed all the rude comments and the piling-on of someone who is being attacked, but I have much more time to read or research. I have also gained perspective by removing myself and staying out of the fray. Sometimes I toy with the idea of going back on, being really belligerent and stating my views boldly but, FB being what it is now, I would just be removed by the censors anyway.  

So why post anything to Facebook (“What’s on your mind – that will get approved by our censorship team?”) when you are guaranteed to be censored for expressing an opinion that is different than anyone else’s?  

2/ Stay Away From Unsupportive People

Keep unsupportive people at a safe distance. For me, that meant dumping my vaxxed boyfriend. There was just no communication about his decision, my decision, our future, nothing. We both pretended everything was fine. Because I couldn’t talk to my one co-worker, the government won’t let me go out and I live alone, I felt lonely and unsupported. Listening to his stories of all his co-workers, his social life with vaxxed buddies, and his travel plans…well, let’s just say, it became pretty tough to be around him. When you aren’t getting support or even empathy from the people closest to you, who needs enemies? Honestly! The stress of trying not  to express my views was such a buzzkill. See my post “Why an Unsupportive Vaxxed Partner is Toxic”.

3/ Delve Into History

World history is comforting because there are patterns that repeat and stories from survivors who have been through so much worse. Nearly any historical time will do. For me, reading about WWII and re-watching WWII in colour has given me some courage and a sense of solidarity with those who faced far worse tyranny than I am facing. Nothing like history to give you a sense of perspective and to help you realize that many horrors have been visited on a populace in many times and in many places and for no good reason at all. This is a cakewalk! Truly.

4/ Let’s Get Political

I have joined the Libertarian Party, despite having some reservations about a few of their beliefs, because they were the only ones walking their talk. No other political party has the balls to stand up to the increasingly draconian government overreach. Plus, they have actual gatherings. I haven’t been to one yet so more on this in another post.  It is only $10/year to join: https://www.libertarian.ca/join

5/ Write it Down

I have written in a journal for decades. Now I am going public. Just writing things down helps. You can rant, rave, scream, and then kind of get to a place where, when you look back, realize how much you’ve learned. For me, it’s like free therapy from a really f*cked up psychologist. I don’t know if anyone will ever read these words but if you are, then know this: you are not alone. Far from it. Your strength and resolve will bring you to a better place. Eventually. I have to believe this.

6/ Watch Alternative Videos From Educated Hosts

Podcasts and videos are being made every day featuring intelligent, educated, and interesting people like Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying. Their Darkhorse Podcast is entertaining as well as informative: https://www.youtube.com/c/bretweinsteindarkhorse

It was on the Darkhorse Podcast that they expressed their view that the government now grants freedom only to those who do what they say. Freedom is now not something you are born with but is now granted to you on approval only by the government.  Strange days indeed.

Note that YouTube will often censor people so many are turning to a video streaming site called Odysee.

7/ Find New Friends

For the immediate future, I know I need new friends that feel the way I do. I am tired of defending my beliefs, my research, my bodily autonomy from my so-called liberal friendset. They have proven themselves to be anything but.  (Again, here is my defense against the accusation of selfishness.)

I don’t know what will happen. It could be that things get even darker than they are now. Take heart that you are not alone – that many are with you, including me.

*Weird sheep? Yes, check out James Delingpole’s interview with Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying from the Darkhorse Podcast on the ‘Weird Sheep’ Concept to find out how crucial weird sheep are to the survival of the flock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZVwOa00dug


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